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Behind every wedding is a love story just waiting to be told.

We are inclusive and proudly support marriage quality for all people.

Team Divine

Team Divine

Rita O'Reilly

Marriage Celebrant + Creative Writer + MC Host

I have to say that being a full-time Marriage Celebrant is the best job ever!!

Behind every wedding is a love story just waiting to be told and I would love to be the person who tells your love story.


It is my passion to unveil the heart, the soul and the love you have for each other during your wedding ceremony in a fun and relaxed way and truly reflects your personalities.

Because every couple is different, every wedding ceremony I create is different, personal and tailored to your specific wishes and needs. I want to give you a wonderful experience and show you just how beautiful your wedding day should be with your ceremony being the absolute highlight, showcasing the magic and the love that brought you together.

By the time your wedding day arrives, our connection will be obvious, and you will be just as excited about your ceremony as you will be about the celebrations afterwards.  We have happily married over 800 couples and it is such a pleasure to be constantly surrounded by happy couples who welcome us into their lives during one of the most important times of their lives.

Terry O'Reilly

Husband + Roadie + Poet + Creative Writer

Terry is my gorgeous husband of over 40 years, my biggest supporter and a valuable member of Team Divine. He is also my best friend, my weekend roadie and a master of the P.A. System, ensuring that every ceremony is heard clearly by everyone attending.

Terry is also a wordsmith and an undiscovered poet, which comes in very handy when writing our couples' love stories.

For Terry and I, there is nothing more important in life than the family unit and the bonds of love and loyalty that come from a committed relationship and we feel great joy in witnessing others embark on this journey knowing the wonderful rewards that lie ahead of them.

Our mission is to ensure that your wedding ceremony is the highlight of your amazing day and that you, your family and your friends have the most engaging experience and that you are all left with wonderful and lasting memories.​

Oran Park, New South Wales, Austrailia

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